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Happy, Fulfilled Clients

My satisfied clients keep Rise With Me Tarot alive and prospering. I’m happy to provide all of my clients with unparalleled intuitive services and true results. Read below to find out what my clients have to say about my work and the experience they have had with me. Get in touch with me so we can start working together today!

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I was given a tarot card reading as a gift and in a despairing point (which really wasn't despairing at all) I decided to do my reading. I felt a comfort with Nicole straight away and she was very easy to talk to. I was amazed at what she could see in the reading for me in my past and even reminded me of things I had forgotten. By the end of the reading the despair I felt was gone and I was given guidance for my future. Nicole has given me a new way of embracing my life and hope and excitement for the future.


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Nicole’s support is life-changing!! I have been a client of Nicole for over 2 years and I couldn’t imagine being where I’m at without her support and guidance to get there. Nicole listens deeply and truly empathizes, I have never felt judged no matter what I have come to her with. She somehow always knows what I need and has a way of uplifting and motivating me like no other person has. Additionally, Nicole is the most gifted woman and it’s so clear she is truly living her purpose in this work. I would recommend any and everyone (and I have!) to go to Nicole for support. Thank you Nicole for always being there for me!


Holding Hands in the Sunshine

Nicole has a loving presence that makes the messages that come through her and the cards that much sweeter. I enjoyed the reading and feel uplifted in my endeavors. Her reading for my husband was just what he needed to get insight into a lingering issue. I was so pleased!


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I just had the most amazing reading with Nicole. I did the full reading which I highly recommend. Many, many questions and concerns were clarified. Nicole becomes one with her cards and her guides to deliver the messages in the clients realm of understanding. My reading was very powerful to the point of chill bumps and extreme clarity on one particular subject. I left my time with Nicole feeling renewed hope and energy in my very overwhelmed world. Thank you Nicole. You are a shining star!



Nicole is amazing!!!! I have had card readings done many times before and this was by far the best one. The reading was extremely positive and when it ended I felt at ease. Nicole gives great advice based on your reading of how to focus your energy to manifest the things you want in life. I would highly recommend!!!


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Nicole is such a talented & insightful reader. Several times throughout my reading she honed in on specific details and energy only I am privy too. Her process is thoughtful, authentic and adds tremendous value to the way I plan for and evolve in my business. Thank you, Nicole, for the wonderful insight. Whether you're a business owner, want to plan for your upcoming year or get clear on any situation, I highly recommend Nicole.


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From the very beginning Nicole’s energy was so warm and very genuine. She listened to me and walked me through card that she pulled to give me a better understanding of what direction my life was headed. A lot of jaw dropping moments that gave me the push I needed to elevate to the next level. I will be booking with her again very soon. Thank you for everything 🎉


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Nicole is a truly gifted intuitive woman. My tarot card reading was amazing like no other I have ever experienced. Even before we began Nicole had messages from the universe and is so much fun to work with. Thank you so much Nicole!



My reading with Nicole was by far the best reading I have ever received. The amount of detail that she intuitively adds to her readings are astounding. Initially we all get these readings because we have questions and uncertainties. Let me tell you after my reading with her there are no uncertainties there are no more questions. If you have not yet been blessed by one of Nicole's readings I suggest you book one now and get a reading like you never have before! Nicole is a truly gifted intuitive reader!


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I had a reading with Nicole recently, and I cannot recommend her highly enough! She offered many insights on a complex, long-standing issue of mine. More significantly, the way she phrased her insights left me asking questions of myself and the situation in a completely new and valuable way, leading me to a different and unexpected conclusion. Very wise!



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