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Drug Free Solutions for Common Conditions

I am all for homeopathic and drug free solutions to anything! I use Super Patches for everything from ADHD to enhancing my balance and stability. I can absolutely notice a difference between the days I wear the patches versus not wearing the patches, even though I was skeptical at first. 

I experience increased focus and productivity on the days I wear my Flow Super Patch.


Click here to check out Super Patch Co. science backed drug free technology.

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Patches are wearable for 24 hours and use a unique tactile pattern imprinted into each disposable patch.

Patches trigger a neural response in the brainstem that improves mobility and balance, manages pain, and so much more!

Every day support

There are patches for sleep, focus, balance, pain, stress, metabolism, athletic performance, immune system, kicking bad habits and increasing joy!

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