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Can you do readings over the phone or zoom?

Absolutely! I only need your name and your openness to receive messages to read cards for you. Spirituality, ancient civilizations and quantum physics all teach us we're all connected via an invisible web of energy. Tapping into your energy is similar to typing a web address on the internet :)

What can I expect my reading to be like?

My time with you is allllll about you! Your reading is personal and confidential, I honor your time and you have my full attention. The information I provide will be for your highest good, and the highest good of all those around you. Expect confirmation of things you may already know or have questions about, new ideas and paths available to you and pretty much anything else! I am not a fortune teller, your fortune is yours to create and I am able to pick up on the energy surrounding you so you can move forward with confidence. 


I also work with crystals, that I hand pick for each full tarot reading, and give you detailed descriptions of their properties and meaning. It is up to you if you feel inclined to purchase and use them in your every day life. 

I'm nervous, should I be?

This is totally normal! Consider this: feeling nervous and feeling excited physically can feel the same; it's energy! Our minds are hardwired to fear the unknown, which is what stops so many of us from taking that next step. I read for your highest good and look for the highest path that's available for you to realize! Will there be some cards that give you deeper info on a tough topic, or some that come as a caution? Absolutely! These are great cards to get as it gives you a choice to shift out of that energy and into something you prefer.

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