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Welcome to your personalized Spirit Animal Oracle card reading! 


This is a video recording of your personalized Oracle card reading. You will first receive a digital download file immediately confirming your purchase.


You will recieve your reading within 48 hours in a separate email.


Tap into the wisdom of the animal world with this three card reading! I will meditate on your energy and then pull three cards for you from the Spirit Animal Oracle deck.


Once the cards are selected, I will read to you from the guidebooks the interpretation of the cards.


Animals are often seen as carriers of wisdom and spiritual guidance. They possess innate knowledge and can offer insights and teachings to humans. 

Animals are often associated with strength, power, and resilience. They embody qualities such as courage, determination, and endurance. Animals are also seen as messengers or intermediaries between the physical and spiritual realms. They are regarded as spiritual allies or guides that help us connect with higher energies and divine forces.  Animals are closely connected to their instincts and intuition, and they can serve as reminders for us to trust our own inner guidance and natural instincts. 

Many animals undergo metamorphosis or display remarkable adaptability to their environments. They symbolize the potential for personal growth, transformation, and adaptability in human life. 



You can choose one of two types of readings: 


Reading A:

Card 1: What do I need to know about this situation for my highest good?

Card 2: What is my next action to stay in alignment with my highest intentions?

Card 3: Where could this evolve if I remain on this path?


Reading B: 

Card1: What is in motion now?

Card 2: What are the underlying hidden influences here?

Card 3: What do I do now to remain on this path or course correct to remain in alignment with the highest good? 





As with any reading, my intention to read is for your highest good, and the highest good of those around you.


Spirit animal oracle readings are suitable for:

  • Specific topic (specify topic in the "add a note" section while checking out)
  • Checking in with your energy at any time
  • When starting a new endeavor or adventure
  • Fun!
  • Gifts



3 Oracle cards 

10-20 minute video recording



Spirit Animal Oracle Card Reading


    Disclaimer:The following disclaimer is provided for all tarot card readings:

    • For Entertainment Purposes Only: Tarot card readings are intended for entertainment purposes and should not be considered as professional advice, counseling, or guidance. The insights and information provided during a tarot card reading should not be used as a substitute for professional, medical, financial, or legal advice.

    • Subjective Interpretation: Tarot card rea