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New Room, New Me!

When I was a kid, I used to love to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom. I got such a kick out of having a “new” space, thinking it was the beginning of a new me. I would wake up the next day and for a brief moment not recognize where I was. I would then start the day as a new person who was better than the day before somehow. Every time I returned back to my restyled room I would be delighted with what I saw and the newness would wash over me again.

New room, new me- heck yeah! It was as easy as that!

Looking back, I have always been interested in a metamorphosis of sorts. Before and after’s are my jam!

Home improvement content? That’s most of my YouTube history. Queer Eye? Line them up, I will watch every single episode ever made in a week. Thrift store furniture makeovers? Yes please! I refinished and sold furniture myself for a short period of time before I was content to simply watch others on TV.

So, when I was struggling with crippling anxiety 8 years ago, I set out to become my own before and after. In crisis I had gone to my primary care physician who had given me anti-anxiety medication and a recommendation for a therapist. The medication worked as a band-aid over time after necessitating additional dose adjustments. I couldn’t find a therapist however, at least one I clicked with and that had available hours. I realized at that time I could just keep taking medication the rest of my life, or I could find a way to help myself.

So I helped myself; I threw myself into research, books, seminars, classes, ect. I eventually was able heal my relationship with chronic anxiety and get off of prescription medications. I then created Rise With Me in 2018 to support others with their own experiences through tarot guidance and coaching. As my business grew, I worked my full-time job during the day and came home to see clients at night and on the weekends. I always knew I wanted to grow this into a full-time business, or at least that was my goal. It was daunting however, and letting go of a guaranteed full-time salary weighed on my mind heavily.

But in May of this year, I had mindset shift that became a new belief.

Rise With Me was not just a side hustle anymore; I had the makings of a legitimate business. It was on a trip to the beach with some dear friends that I dared to finally recognize myself as an actual entrepreneur and not just something I did on the side.

Later in July of this year, on a whim I rearranged my home office to look more like a permanent home office and not just a spare room with some bookcases, desk and a computer thrown into it. I brought a large cabinet that was being largely unused from a spare bedroom into my home office and arranged it with the bookcases to look almost like a built-in unit against one wall. I bought contact paper from Amazon and limes the back of the bookcases to customize them. I bought a new lamp. All in all, I spent under $80.00, moved and repurposed some old furniture and completely changed the look and feel of the room. When I was done, I couldn’t stop admiring my “new room”.

New room, new me- heck yeah!

After I rearranged it, I would regularly imagine myself working from this home office, and working for myself. It looked and felt like a legit office now, I would think to myself. On Saturdays when I would see clients, I would imagine it was a Tuesday morning and this was my regular schedule. I was actively manifesting.

That's when the magic happened.

On a very challenging day in early August, just one month after my new home office makeover, my full-time job told us they were outsourcing our department. My dental office position I worked for 13 years and commuted 20 miles each way to was going to be eliminated. I was given the opportunity to take another position in office at the end of the month or leave. I was given 2 days to make my decision.

I had just been through a particularly trying few weeks with an ill family member and having to suddenly make a life changing decision was a substantial blow to my nervous system.

It was also a devastating time for my co-workers whose jobs were eliminated without the option of another position, and also extremely trying for those who accepted new positions as theirs too were eliminated.

After I was able to go through my emotions, experience what was happening around me and come down out of a fight or flight response, I knew that this is what I had been waiting for: justification to leave a perfectly good paying job.

I had asked and received. This was my opportunity, and a swift kick in the pants from the universe to get moving. Life is too precious to be wasted on fear and inaction.

I prayed for guidance that night, and it woke me up in the middle of the night with spirit telling me exactly what to do: just put one foot in front of the other.

I told HR I would be leaving. They gave me 30 days to finish up.

Since I knew it was the right decision, the fear of leaving my job never came. A few times I woke up in the middle of the night with thoughts like "are you really leaving your job like this?" and "How will you pay your mortgage?". But then I would feel a calmness come over me, telling me everything would be alright.

I found a part time job. I put together proposals for clients and started working on creating classes. I began to wake up every day feeling like I had regained who I really was, and all those years I was actually just playing a role for other people. Authenticity has one of the highest vibrations, and I suddenly felt more me than I had in years.

I was lit up from the inside out.

New room, new me- heck yeah!

If you would like support with big, or small life changes, or if you are looking to make some shifts in your life, I can support you! From a single topic tarot card reading, to my Rise women's empowerment program, let me support you in finding your authentic expression of self! Contact me today to get started!

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