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Are you ready to rise?

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This is a personalized deep dive into the energies of 2023 for you!  In the comfort of your own home, I'll tap into your energy and provide you with an in-depth discussion of what's in store for the next year! Together we will look at themes, goals, and discuss the power of manifestation and law of attraction. You'll also receive an emailed copy of the cards drawn in your session, any crystal recommendations (I mean who doesn't love crystals?).

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I'm very excited to be able to offer a personalized one on one coaching program, launching soon! Click on the button below if you would like to be on the wait list for all the juicy details when I open enrollment! Until then, check out the latest review from a current coaching client:

I met Nicole when a friend gifted me a tarot reading with her for my birthday. We connected really well during our session. I was entering a phase of my life where I was implementing changes and knew I needed support. Nicole and I started meeting weekly and she’s helped me change my life. She’s helped me build a new career, reframe how I connect with romantic partners, and supported me through medical procedures and relationships. She’s helped me stay grounded, believe in myself, and stay engaged in my life. I am in awe of how much I’ve been able to change since we started working together 8 months ago. I am now in an amazing relationship and I know I wouldn’t be here without her support and guidance. This is just the beginning and I’m excited to see my growth as we continue working together. -Natlie I.

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Hi! My name is Nicole, and I am the owner and founder of Rise With Me Tarot and Coaching.

Thank you for being here!

Rise With Me was born after I had a spiritual awakening which opened my eyes to the bigger picture of life. I saw how my ways of thinking, and the way I saw the world wasn’t getting me the results I wanted in my life. I embarked on a mission to gather information about human behavior and it brought me directly to spirit, the universe, and God. Experiencing a powerful shift of my life and a sort of rebirth, I healed in  ways that were causing me to struggle daily, and since then have been more than excited to share what I learned with others.

The two mediums that supported me, as well as what lit me up the most were tarot cards and life coaching, and I discovered I had a talent for both.

Rise With Me Tarot was born in 2018. My style of reading is intuitive, woven with psychology and coaching to support you with confirmation and guidance. When I read, I allow the information to come through that is for your highest good, and the highest good of all those around you. The information I receive provides insight and direction, all of course which is up to you! I don’t consider myself to be a fortune teller, however the information that comes through can at times materialize exactly as we discuss in your reading.

Rise With Me Coaching was born in 2019. I have wanted to share my insights into human behavior since I was able to guide myself through a particularly difficult few years in dealing with sadness, anxiety, doubt, and fear with the tools I have learned on my own. I have also continued my education by attending seminars, extended personal development programs, and have coached for several group programs in the field of personal development which have allowed me gain further insight into the mind and behavior. 

My approach to coaching is based in the power of revealing self-limiting beliefs and language, discovering and rewiring social conditioning, and opening you up to your own personal power, by liberating and connecting in with your authentic self.  

 I also enjoy holding online workshops, classes, and coming soon, retreats! You can catch me for in person readings at Soul Wellness in Mooresville, NC at the any of the quarterly Mind, Body and Soul Expos held there featuring a smorgasbord of spiritual talent, goods and healing services. Be sure to check back for details on the next one!

Last thing I'd like to say: I know the world may seem a little out of control to some at this time. Remember it’s always darkest before the dawn, and we have a bright new dawn ahead of us. Hang in there, it’s up to us to create the new world while the old one crumbles around us. Let’s charter and stay the course together, letting us not be consumed by the fire of fear, but energized by the clearing of new space to build social systems and communities that work for the good of ALL of us, and not just a few 😉

Thanks for stopping by!

Peace and love, Nicole

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Healing Stones

Recent Testimonial

I had my very first tarot reading ever with Nicole this past weekend at a soul expo in charlotte, NC. Nicole was WONDERFUL! She made my first experience so meaningful. She was professional, approachable, compassionate, empathetic, and has an incredible gift. I was incredibly blessed by my time with her and my reading. I was so inspired by my reading with her that I purchased my own oracle deck of cards at the expo and I am now exploring this tool. I believe it will help me to explore tapping into my own inner intuition and I am just really excited to see how God will use this newly found tool/practice in my life's journey. Thank you so much Nicole for being here at the right time and place in life for someone like me. <3

-Corey Travaglini

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Click below to request one today! 

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All can be sent via email, and the general gift certificate (purple) can also be purchased as a paper gift certificate and mailed to your recipient.

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