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About Myself


Hi, My name is Nicole and I am an intuitive Tarot card reader and spiritual life coach. 
I was that sensitive child picking up on the unsaid thoughts and feelings of those around me and not understanding how everyone else wasn't doing the same thing. I spent years running from and ignoring this unsolicited information I was sensing until I realized and decided it was a gift that could support me as well as others, and not something to hide. 
Like many of you, I've been through a few things! I have learned how not to define myself by my experiences, but how to work to transcend them and finally make my life work for me. I started Rise With Me Tarot in 2018 as a way to brighten the world we live in and bring some comfort and guidance to those who are seeking fulfillment and peace in life. 
I have come to the conclusion that everything is energy, and we live in a universe that is governed by the law of attraction. My goal is to work with you to discover where a point of attraction is and to shift it to be able to experience the fullness of joy in life. 
Let's raise the vibration of the planet together!
These are unequivocally unprecedented times we're living in! Every system in our society is being tested and eventually those not in integrity will crumble in ways that allow for abundant living. Let's strike while the iron is hot and bring people together through love, spirituality and faith and not fall prey to the controlling tactics of fear, division and hate. We are stronger together!

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